Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gumball Bracelet - DIY

I have been dying to make this super quick and easy DIY project! What better time than for Valentines? This bracelet is made out of GUMBALLS! Yes, completely edible, bubble blowing gumballs. Uhm.. how fantastic is that?! Confession: I was really tempted to nibble a gumball right off of my bracelet halfway through church today. And if I had, it would have been 100% appropriate. These little guys would make darling gifts for all your girl friends on Valentines Day, or for a little girl's birthday party!

They are sooo easy! Like, beyond fast. Once I laid out all of my supplies, the project took me 5 minutes tops. No joke.

I found my gumballs at Zurchers, but call your local party store, dollar store, etc. (P.S. Party World does not have gumballs. I called to ask them and the employee literally laughed out loud like I was a total idiot. I think I made his day. You're welcome.) Anyway, the Zurchers' phone call was much more pleasant and I hauled booty over there. I snatched up a package of red gumballs, for Love Day. But depending on the occasion for your project, the color possibilities could be really fun! They even had black. And GOLD. Yes yes, I will be back for more...

Ok, you probably just want me to get to the point already. So- The supplies you will need:
  • 7-8 gumballs per bracelet (more or less, depending on the wrist)
  • Ribbon
  • Large sewing needle
  • Something sharp to poke holes in the gumballs
The rest is a cinch! (Pictures below.) Poke holes in two opposite ends of each gumball to transform them into "beads." I used my meat thermometer (yes it was clean, come on!) but find something around your house that will work, perhaps a small nail? If your gumballs are old and hard you might need a drill. ;) But mine popped right through. Tie a knot in your ribbon, about 3-4 inches from one end (just leave enough on the end so that you can tie your bracelet ends into a bow, around your wrist when it's done.) In hindsight, I would tie a double knot. Thread your needle with the ribbon strand and string on a gumball. Tie a
double knot right against the gumball. String on the next gumball, and so on and so forth. Size it to your wrist, leaving room for the cute bow accent and once you've got enough gumballs beaded on, tie a double knot against the last gumball. Leave 3-4 inches of ribbon, and trim. Fasten onto your wrist by tying an adorable bow. You're cute! Wear it proudly... and then wear it again and/or eat it. No judging here. :)

Visual Steps:

You bet your boots I wore it the next day...

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  1. Your so cute and crafty! That's such a good idea I just might have to try it!