Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 things..

1) Blueberry Steel Cut Oatmeal-
Have you ever tried steel cut oats? They are a hearty, filling breakfast choice. I like to cook mine in the rice cooker. Here I did 1 cup steel cut oats, 3 cups water, & 1 cup frozen blueberries (you can also add a little bit of cinnamon and sugar if you want.) Then just push the cook button on the rice cooker. EASY. I topped it with a (overly generous) scoop of honey flavored Greek yogurt. Yum! Leftover oatmeal stores great in the fridge, and reheats in the microwave.
2) DIY Pedestal Bowl for $2.00!

Dollar Tree has these glass candle holders, and lots of fun vases and bowls. Glue them together using E6000 (found on the Walmart craft isle.) And who doesn't love Cadbury Mini Eggs? I'm addicted. Every Spring.

3) What Did I Wear?
You MUST go to Ann Taylor Loft and look through their clearance right now! I found this sweater for $4.88 (originally $79) and also a perfect fitting pencil skirt for $4.88... Holla!
Sweater- Loft, Jewelry- Cents of Style, Pants- Kohls, Boots- Cents of Style

4) Oh! There is suddenly a 4th point-

                                          Yes, THIS happened while I was blogging.
                                         So pretty right? I thought so too. Not.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gumball Bracelet - DIY

I have been dying to make this super quick and easy DIY project! What better time than for Valentines? This bracelet is made out of GUMBALLS! Yes, completely edible, bubble blowing gumballs. Uhm.. how fantastic is that?! Confession: I was really tempted to nibble a gumball right off of my bracelet halfway through church today. And if I had, it would have been 100% appropriate. These little guys would make darling gifts for all your girl friends on Valentines Day, or for a little girl's birthday party!

They are sooo easy! Like, beyond fast. Once I laid out all of my supplies, the project took me 5 minutes tops. No joke.

I found my gumballs at Zurchers, but call your local party store, dollar store, etc. (P.S. Party World does not have gumballs. I called to ask them and the employee literally laughed out loud like I was a total idiot. I think I made his day. You're welcome.) Anyway, the Zurchers' phone call was much more pleasant and I hauled booty over there. I snatched up a package of red gumballs, for Love Day. But depending on the occasion for your project, the color possibilities could be really fun! They even had black. And GOLD. Yes yes, I will be back for more...

Ok, you probably just want me to get to the point already. So- The supplies you will need:
  • 7-8 gumballs per bracelet (more or less, depending on the wrist)
  • Ribbon
  • Large sewing needle
  • Something sharp to poke holes in the gumballs
The rest is a cinch! (Pictures below.) Poke holes in two opposite ends of each gumball to transform them into "beads." I used my meat thermometer (yes it was clean, come on!) but find something around your house that will work, perhaps a small nail? If your gumballs are old and hard you might need a drill. ;) But mine popped right through. Tie a knot in your ribbon, about 3-4 inches from one end (just leave enough on the end so that you can tie your bracelet ends into a bow, around your wrist when it's done.) In hindsight, I would tie a double knot. Thread your needle with the ribbon strand and string on a gumball. Tie a
double knot right against the gumball. String on the next gumball, and so on and so forth. Size it to your wrist, leaving room for the cute bow accent and once you've got enough gumballs beaded on, tie a double knot against the last gumball. Leave 3-4 inches of ribbon, and trim. Fasten onto your wrist by tying an adorable bow. You're cute! Wear it proudly... and then wear it again and/or eat it. No judging here. :)

Visual Steps:

You bet your boots I wore it the next day...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Faves & Loves

Ok, ladies... Time to spill. Here are my current over-the-counter beauty regimen FAVES and LOVES:

1) Mary Kay, Luminous Wear Foundation for Dry Skin - $20. I love this foundation because I have dry reptile skin. I always feel like makeup shows the dry spots on my face. But this foundation is perfect for that! Mary Kay also has foundation for normal to oily skin. Ask your consultant for a sample! I love this product.
2) Carmex - Just the original Carmex, in the jar. 99 cents. Yup that's right.. 99 cents! My lips thank me every time I put this stuff on! I've got my hubby hooked too. It has been a really dry Winter here, and that calls for some un-cute, reptile chapped lips! The Carmex heals, soothes, and protects. I'm not sure if I could live without it these days. F'real.
3) Maybelline, Volum Express Mascara - Around $6. I buy it in very black, and NOT waterproof. I know picking the right mascara is super tough, and the perfect tube for one person might not be ideal for another. BUT.. this is my favorite one, and I have been married to it for years. And years.
4) Revlon, Lip Butter - Around $7. This is a new one for me! I took myself on a date to Target the other night, looking for a new lip product and struck gold! What I love about it is that it doesn't feel like lipstick, it goes on so smooth and sorta sheer. It's like a cross between lipstick and lip gloss, perfection. I'm pretty sure I'll be back for a few more colors in the verrrry near future.
5) John Frieda, Full Repair Sheer Mist - Around $9. My good friend introduced me to this, so I gave it a shot. It's been great! I spritz a little in my hands and then smooth through my wet hair, especially on the ends. Then blow dry and style like normal. It helps tame and soften my wild hair.
6) The Body Shop, Liquid Eyeliner - $13.50. A few years ago, The Body Shop used to be a direct sales company and my mother in law was a consultant. This is how I found my favorite liquid eyeliner of all time. What makes it so great? I don't know. It just works for me. Smooth line, not sticky, great applicator. The end.
7) Schwarzkopf, got2b Volumizing Styling Powder - Around $6 at the drugstore. (Knock off of Big Sexy's hair powder.) Have you ever used powder volumizer? It's not for everyone but you might just love it! I do. The key is to apply sparingly. Instant volume. Teasing your hair is only optional at this point. LOVE.

What are YOUR current faves and loves?

PS - Have you entered the giveaway at Dejavu Crafts?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Date night.

We went on date night last night! I've been looking forward to this night with my hubs for a while now, to a really yummy steakhouse. Earlier in the week, I had planned two different outfits in my head for the occasion (because everyone needs a solid backup outfit in case the original plan becomes an epic fail after you actually put it on and look in the mirror, right?) and they were darling mental images, I couldn't wait! Then I realized it was National Wear Red Day, to support fighting heart disease in women. So I turned a 180 from the colors and theme of my two premeditated outfit choices, and wore this...

Jewelry & Scarf - Cents of Style, Blazer- H&M, Shirt- Old Navy, Jeans- Kohls, Shoes- Cents of Style

We had a fantastic time at dinner, with two other couples that we really love. The dinner was incredible! And the company and conversation were just as wonderful. Just what this mom needed.

Where is your favorite place to go for date night?