Thursday, January 26, 2012


My good friend is vegan, and she brought vegetable spring rolls to a New Years Eve party we went to. They were fantastic! I literally could not stop thinking about how delicious they were. I searched high and low stopped at one Asian store last week to pick up rice paper for my spring rolls, and they didn't have any. No food at all, in fact. Just thousands of trinkets and handbags and wallets and sunglasses and jewelry. I plan to go back, don't tell my hubs. Ok I'm getting side tracked...

SO. Today I ventured to my favorite thrift store, and was pleasantly surprised to see an Asian Market in the same shopping center, 3 doors down. I have had my eye out for an Asian Market for weeks! What do you know, it was right under my nose the whole time. Long story short, I brought home my long awaited rice paper. (After the lady at the register tried to barter rice paper for my 22 month old. I handed her my debit card. She counter offered "just a few hours with the baby." I may have perhaps accidentally glared at her, because she quickly ran my card.) Side tracked. Again. :)

You will need-
  • Fresh veggies (I used carrots, cucumber, & red bell pepper).
  • Cilantro leaves
  • Avocado
  • Sticky rice, brown rice, or rice noodles. (I usually use brown rice but used rice noodles this day.)
  • Rice paper
  • Peanut sauce for dipping
1) Cook your rice or noodles and let them cool. I used rice noodles and strained them, ran them under cool water, then dumped them onto a dish towel to absorb more of the water.
2) Slice your veggies into really thin spears/straws. The thinner sliced the better, in my opinion. Peel and slice your avocado in thin strips.
3) Take one piece of rice paper and dip it under a faucet of warm running water, both sides for only a few seconds each. It doesn't take as long as you'd think, and the paper continues to soften while you're assembling your rolls.
4) Lay the piece of rice paper on a plate or cutting board, sprinkle some cilantro in the middle, next the rice or rice noodles, next avocado and veggies. Roll like you would an egg roll or a burrito. I.E. fold up the bottom, then each side, then roll very tightly the rest of the way. Make sure you roll them as tight as you can.
5) Slice them in half and serve with peanut sauce for dipping.

Here is what one sheet of rice paper looks like before dipped in water.

These are the rice noodles I used, you can find them at a regular grocery store in the Asian section. Again, brown rice is just as delicious, and healthier.

They are so fresh and yummy. Addicting even. You could also add grilled chicken, salmon, shrimp, etc. to make them more filling. My husband likes to add teriyaki chicken, but I prefer them vegetarian.

P.S. The package of rice paper was $1.69. Fair trade for a baby?

Side Note-
Here's what I wore to church on Sunday... & I am in love with this darling scarf!
Scarf- Cents of Style, Cardigan- Old Navy, Lace top- Boutique booth, Bracelet- Cents of Style, Skirt- Ross, Boots- Cents of Style

Would you have guessed that I work for Cents of Style? :) I love my job. As Courtney from The Bachelor would say, "WINNINGGG." Anyway, if you ever see something you love, use discount code "0209" at checkout for 10% off your entire order! And they always offer free shipping. Holla.


  1. Courtney from The Bachelor needs to go home! I can't stand her!

    1. Agreed. :) Can't wait for next week's episode, it looks like you know what is going to hit the fan!

  2. These look yumm! Why don't you guys take a 2 hr drive to Shabrees house on super bowl sunday and party with the Kelsey's,(car pool with Saedee) and come bring those to me! Or you can bring the Oatmeal cake instead....your choice?